Two Polish championship gold medals and one silver are this year's achievements of AKS Rzeszow.


Two Polish championship gold medals and one silver are this year's achievements of AKS Rzeszow, so called Asseco Resovia’s young teams. Young volleyball players dominated the volleyball in the country, following the footsteps of their older colleagues.


Junior silver medal, gold mlodziks and cadets medals are unique in the country. It is rare that one club dominates the youth league at every age division- summed up the achievements of AKS Rzeszow coach Artur Loza.

At the end of February in Leżajsk Junior team of head coach Jerzy Wietecha started the fight for the Polish championship. The team got to the final game without suffering any defeat. It was only in the final, when the team faced Norwid Czestochowa, and had to recognize the Norwid’s team superiority.



"Only" fourth place


In April, it was time for decisive battles in the Young League, where youth teams of the PlusLiga clubs play. After losing first match at home of semi-final 1:3 to Gdańsk, Asseco Resovia managed to equalize but the third decisive match won Gdansk.


On the way to glory with a bronze medal stood Kedzierzyn-Kozle, who wanted revenge for the final of PlusLiga, Unluckily our team had to recognize the superiority of Kedzierzyn Kozle’s young team.



Double Gold


In May, it was time for the finals of mlodziks and cadets. For younger representatives of AKS Rzeszów a way to the finals as it turned out, it was not difficult. In the quarter-final and semi-final tournaments mlodziks clearly dominated their group, winning six matches without losing a set. Only in the final round the team faced Kangur New Tomysl that in the first’s group match defeated the team of head coach George Wisz 2-0. However, the next two matches Rzeszow resolved in his favor , and despite of a weak start to the semifinals AKS Rzeszow was promoted from the first place.


The matches of the semi-final and final were resolved via tie-breaks, but both in the semi-final and in the final Rzeszow AKS showed that this year they are the best team at this age group.


ATeam that had a patent on critical sets were also cadets from Rzeszow. The final tournament in Proszowice AKS won four meetings in five games played, just after tie-breaks. - A nice group of people who have a common goal, they did not care about loses, because they knew that the game continues until the last ball - says Artur Loza coach of cadets. - Winning four tie-breaks in the tournament is really very nice, it will be remembered for years. The boys themselves developed that, starting the fifth set is not stressful anymore but you have to admit, the harder the trainings are, the easier the game gets- added the coach.


Not a matter of chance


- These successes are not a matter of chance. Individual awards confirm that these young boys are talented - says coach Loza. Individual awards were given to – Mateusz Twaróg as the best defender (mlodzik), Marcin Kania as the best blocker and Marcin Komenda as the best setter (both cadets). The MVP of the tournaments received Mateusz Jóźwik (cadets) and Jan Pyrsak ( młodziks).


- We are trying to work with the largest group of people, so this pyramid , looking at various age divisions, had proportions. Many people is involved and looking at this from the training prospective they all work together, not compete - says the coach Loza.


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